We are two Professional Wedding Photographers based in Bristol & London.

Unlike the majority of wedding photographers who may work alone or have an assistant with them we are both photographers who work together enabling us to capture every moment of your day from multiple vantage points.

The majority of wedding photographers today class their style as photojournalistic. This simply means the photographer captures moments as they happen.
We work similarly to this capturing the real moments as they happen, so in a way we are also included in this photojournalistic style. The issue we had with this title is that this implies that every guest at your wedding with a camera could also be considered a photojournalist.   We wanted a title and description that really reflected our style, difference and above all, quality. 

Commercial Wedding Photography better describes who we are and what we do. The term Commercial Wedding Photography takes photojournalism and incorporates a superior level of quality in one’s work.

We create honest, beautiful images. rose